Karczma Polska Zagroda is a place with a long history. We started in 2002
and from the beginnig we are full of cozy atmosphere and  traditional Polish cuisine. Experience, passion and hard working team created our place special
and unique. Try us and send an email to

How to start?

At the begin, you have to choose the path, how you would like to book a table. You have many options:

Facebook: @Karczmapolskazagroda via text message
Call us: +48 58 550 72 59
Or just visit us few days before:
Karczma Polska Zagroda, Niepodległości 625, Sopot, Poland

After that we need informations like: 
When you will visit us
How many of you
What time

Your contact number
Any special requests like allergies, food intolerances,
table requests and are we gonna celebrate something

And remember, always wait for a confirmation!



Bigger group?
Not a problem!

…We are able to organize any type of a reservation, including a business meeting, party with family or friends, Christening, first Holy Communion, Christmas party
or a dinner after wedding. 

The biggest table is on the ground floor. We could set up a big table for maximum 28 people there and you will sit all together. If your reservation is close to this amount, whole area will be just for you. Just remember, on the ground floor we have only benches without a backrest. But don’t worry, it’s very comfortable anyway!

If you would like to sit together, we have also a space for 22 and 14 people on the 1st floor. We have over there benches with a backrest.

Remember that:

There is an option to get your own birthday cake. We will not charge you extra for that. We can also order a b-day cake for you, just let us know!

We don’t accept your own alcohol! We have very resonable prices and all types of drinks. We are sure that you will find something interesting.

We can’t put any tablecloths. We have raw, handmade tables which are not perfectly flat. There is a risk, that something will drop.

We expect, that bigger groups will stay around 3-4 hours with us. Do you want to stay longer? It’s not a problem! Just let us know.

Remember, that for a bigger groups (with 10 and more people) we will add 10% service charge to your bill.

You are not sure what kind of menu will be the best? No worries, proposition below

A’la carte menu or Sharing plates?

Choose, which option will be better for you!

A’la carte menu

Simple and easy. We send a proposition with a few starters, soups, mains and desserts but you decide, which of them your guests will finally find in the restaurant menu.

You have to choose: 

2-3 starters

2-3 soups

3-4 mains

1-2 desserts


Sharing plates

The most popular way to spend a time in Karczma. Share with your family and friends. On a plate you will find the most popular meats & sides to share.


Whole roasted piglet

If you think about something very special, go for a whole roasted piglet!

16-20 portions with buckwheat and gravy sauce. Remember to order it min. 3 days before you visit us!